How to Re-seal an uPVC Window

Posted on October 25, 2013 – 11:23 pm

If you are looking for the best way in order for you to reseal your upvc window, you must be able to understand the concept in its entirety. The popularity of this type of window is due to the fact that the calls for green and environmentally friendly houses are actually very popular right now. Widgets For example, a lot of materials in the market today are actually supposed to pass environmental standards in order for it to be patronized by different lobby groups. Thus, people have made the need to actually strike a balance between the aesthetic value of their house as well as its ability to respond to the growing trend of deep green environmentalism.

As a product of careful research, the concept of using upvc windows in order for people to achieve the double glazing effect has been introduced to the market. The idea is fairly simple. In order for people to actually maximize the concept, two different panels of glass actually make up the windows. This means that the window in itself is actually an insulating mechanism in order for people not to feel cold during the winter and not to feel hot during the summer.

But, there are times wherein a upvc window kind of screws up because of one or both of the panes. The issue then becomes how to properly reseal the material. You are pretty sure to seal the outside part of the frame, but in most cases, the silicone is a bit difficult to move. What you need to do in these instances is to use a small wood chisel as your scraper in order for you actually take the former layer away. In some instances, you can use a kitchen knife, a thin metal sheet, and other thin but sturdy and sharp material in order for you to take the old layer and seal. The real problem, though, is how to make a neat look in re-sealing your window.

Professionals say that you must actually cut a nozzle end at around 45 degrees with a not so big hole in it. You must put the silicone afterwards and lightly spray it with a bit of soapy water before you actually touch it. Run your finger down the silicone to make sure that it won’t stick to the surrounding area where it was formerly wet in order for you to properly seal your upvc window.


Heavy-duty roller shades, or cheap mini-blinds.

2010-01-25 21:54:53 by insidescoop

Cheapo mini-blinds can be replaced easily after each tenant. *Expect* to replace them, as they will be destroyed in no time flat. But at least you've met requirements, and you're not out much money.
Put out the bucks for some heavy-duty vinyl roller shades - the kind with fabric embedded in the vinyl. Mount to the inside of the window opening with the smaller (less bendable) moun... chance of damage is to the spring mechanism if your tenants wind it too tight.
Don't even bother with vertical blinds, unless you buy the cheapo ones and expect to replace those, too.
Curtains - no. They'll destroy the rods and tear up your walls when they pull the rods down.
Faux-wood or wood blinds, same thing. They'll break the slats or string ladders. Too expensive anyway.

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